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Activities of the Espai Catalunya Europa

Exhibition: Catalonia is Fashion

Picture: Antoni Bernad; Model: Carmen Mir

From haute couture to prêt-à-porter. Antoni de Montpalau Textile Collection
From 14 April until 30 June 2014

The textile industry has been one of the driving forces of the Catalan economy since the 18th century, which saw the burgeoning of the production and exportation of printed cotton textiles, known as "indianes". Later on, wool, linen, silk and, in the midst of the 20th century, artificial fibres, would also gain a strong foothold. Over this time, Catalonia would turn into "the factory of Spain" and its textile production, aside from creating wealth and employment opportunities, would implicitly generate creativity.

Over the last century, Barcelona has become a point of reference in the world of fashion, particularly since the end of World War I, when the designer Pedro Rodríguez opened his fashion house, followed shortly afterwards by a branch of Jeanne Lanvin's maison – who had learned the trade in the Montagne sisters' atelier in Barcelona. By the twenties and early thirties, the major haute couture houses had been established, which included Santa Eulalia, Asunción Bastida and El Dique Flotante, as well as Cristóbal Balenciaga's salon in Barcelona, which was to remain open until 1968.

In 1940, Manuel Pertegaz opened a fashion house, which would soon become, alongside Balenciaga and Rodríguez, one of the leading couturiers in Spain, who triumphed abroad. At the end of the fifties, prêt-à-porter began to take root, in line with the prevailing international trends, and the figure of the dressmaker would give way to the figure of the fashion designer. Since then, and until this day, Catalonia has witnessed the establishment of new brand names and designers who have put Catalonia – and Barcelona as its iconic capital – on the international fashion map, both in terms of designers as well as brands, and, particularly, the low-cost clothing industry.

"Catalonia Is Fashion" presents a look at the leading names that dominate this scene, on the basis of pieces from the Antoni de Montpalau Collection, devoted to the collection, study and dissemination of textile heritage and fashion, a private initiative created in 2004 in Sabadell, one of the leading wool centres in the country,

Josep Casamartina i Parassols
Director of the Antoni de Montpalau Textile Collection

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Temporary exhibition


Temporal exhibition: "Catalunya – Europa, units per l’art | Catalonië – Europa, verenigd door kunst | Catalogne – Europe, unis par l’art | Cataluña – Europa, unidos por el arte"

From 19 February until 3 April 2014

25 artists based in Catalonia present a joint exhibition of paintings and sculptures which can be visited until April 3. Landscapes, seascapes, portraits and animals are part of the variety of paintings, along with sculptures made of different materials such as wood, ceramics, clay or wire. With the support of the Cultural Centre Cetres.

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: from 10am to 5pm

Friday: from 10am to 4pm

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: closed


Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the EU

Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 227 – 1040 Brussels (ground floor).

Entrance: Free

Contact details & Groups visitors booking:


Tel.: +32 2 231 03 30

Espai Catalunya Europa. Delegation to the EU. Government of Catalonia 


Previous activities

2 April. Pre-election debate organized by the Casal Català
27 March. ' Barcelona 2014 European Capital of Volunteering ' Presentation
19 March. Visit of a group of senior officials from Baden –Württemberg
19 March. Visit of a group of Catalan NGOs
5 March. Opening of the exhibition "Catalonia - Europe, together through art"
4 March. Concert of Choral from Vic
21 February. "Catalonia and Europe. Where are we going? " : Conference President Jordi Pujol
23 January. International Seminar ' Safe Operating Space ' organized by CADS

11 December. Final conference of the European project Sports cluster
5 December. " ERRIN Energy Brokerage Event - Horizon 2020"
3 December. Course management of European R & D projects Horizon 2020
26 November. Visit of a group of journalists from local
14 Number. Conference " Mainstreaming Social Sciences and Humanities and STEM in Horizon 2020"
8 November. Representation of Baden- Württemberg to the EU visited "Gaudí architecture in advance "
7 November. Catalan EU "trainees” Meeting
18 October. Conference on Gaudi by architect Jordi Bonet i Armengol
9 October. Debate on air quality OPEN DAYS in Brussels
2 October. Conference on innovation in agriculture network ERIAFF
25 September. Visit Junior Chamber International of Catalonia
10 September. Commemoration of the National Day of Catalonia
20 June. Visit of a group of Master students in executive governance of the Hertie School of Governance
13 June. A group of parents and students of the school 's Farandole from Etterbeek visit the exhibition on Gaudí
6 June. 6th edition training course for local authorities 

29 May. General Assembly NEPIM network
29 May. Visit of a delegation of Members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Parliament of Catalonia
28 May. Presentation in Brussels project " LNG Blue Corridors "
15 May: Presentation by CETEMMSA on the future of printed electronics

13 May: Presentation of  the book "Four Ways to Independence" by the author

4 May: Open Doors Day

3 May: Visit of a group of students from the Athénée Charles Janssens school of Ixelles

25 April: "Invest in Catalonia" seminar

23 April: Workshop on the Catalan poet Salvador Espriu

22 April: Informal meeting of Catalan people working at EU instituions

22 April: Opening of the Gaudí exhibition by the President of the Government of Catalonia

11 April: Meeting of the nrg4SD network on sustainable development

9 April: Visit of a group of students from the Abat Oliva University

21 March: Round table: "Creation, Circulation, and Festivals in Europe: Scenic Arts in a Time of Crisis. Waiting for Creative Europe"

21 February: Annual Conference of the Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD)

20 February: Seminar to promote the exchange of sustainable practices in water management at regional and local level

14 February: The women’s Catalan volleyball team visits the Delegation

30 January: Mayors from several Catalan cities visited the Delegation to the EU as part of a working visit to Brussels

25 January: Conference of entrepreneurs organized by ACC1Ó to increase the participation in European projects on energy

24 January: Seminar to support the internationalization of Catalan universities



17 December: Opening of the temporary exhibition "Wineries in Catalonia: Cooperativism + modernism"

6 December: Wine-tasting 

26 November: Catalonia election evening

23 November: MEDBEE Forum – MARIE project

From 12 to 17 November: 4th edition of Cinema in Catalan week in Brussels

7 November: Press conference with Catalonia’s President of the Generalitat Artur Mas: “The Future of Catalonia in the EU”

3 October: 10th edition of the Open Days: “European Week of Regions and Cities

4 October: SeminarHorizon 2020. Opportunities for the automotive sector”

From 10 to 16 October: Exhibition “2011 Prize: Design for recycling

19 June: Conference: “Green eMotion project: Development of a European framework for electromobility”, organized in the framework of the European Week of Sustainable Energy

From 22 to 26 April: Activities in the framework of Saint George’s Catalan National Day in Brussels

27 March: Presentation of the Catalan Multilevel Model of Immigration Management by the Direction General of Immigration of the Department of Social Welfare and Family of the Generalitat

7, 14, 21 and 28 March: Wine and cava-tasting series organized by the Casal Català de Brussel·les



1 December: Final presentation of the Project DOMICE (Developing Offender Management in Corrections in Europe)

15 November: Seminar: “Towards European Sustainable Housing”, organized by the Catalan Agency for Competitiveness (ACC1Ó)

9 November: Pre-elections debate with representatives from the main Catalan political groups, organized by the Casal Català de Brussel•les

8 November: Opening of the exhibitionConceived in Barcelona. Invest in Catalonia

26 October: Presentation of the Smart City Forum & World Congress 2011 by Fira de Barcelona

13 October: Presentation of the International Network for Regional Trade Promotion Organisations (RTPO)

11 October: SeminarEuroregions to develop their territories” in the framework of the Open Days, European Week of Regions and Cities

5 October: Conference: “SME in Catalonia: the key to overcoming the crisis”, in the framework of the European SME Week

21 September: Opening of the exhibition “Catalan Artists in Benelux

19 September: Welcome to Cavalunya: introduction to Catalan cellars and cava-tasting



30 November: Opening of the exhibitionthe European cities of Josep Pla”

From 16 September to 24 November: Exhibition: “Europa Project. EU Investments in Catalonia

From 16 to 20 November: 3rd edition of Catalan Cinema Week in Brussels, organized by the Casal Català de Brussel•les

9 November: Presentation conference of the Consumer Code of Catalonia: “The Catalan Code for Consumer Protection. A step forward in consumer rights in the EU”

26 October: Presentation of the bookMemories of Jean Monnet. An architect of the European unity

5 and 6 October: Activities organized in the framework of the Open Days 2010

From 9 June to 29 July: photography exhibition “Habita et Labora. Housing and Industrial Colonies in Europe”. Exhibition offered by the Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia and sponsored by the Department of Culture and Media of the Generalitat

9 June: Conference: “Le patrimoine industriel comme facteur de cohésion et identité européen”, presented by Eusebi Casanelles, director of the Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia

From 14 April to 19 May 2010: ExhibitionSculptures”, of the Catalan artist Margalida Escales, sponsored by the Ramon Llull Institute

From 22 March to 27 May: ExhibitionAerial photography”, of the Catalan photographer Jordi Todó, sponsored by Palau Robert


Històric d'activitats




  • 19 de juny. Conferència "Green eMotion: Desenvolupament d'un marc europeu per a la mobilitat elèctrica", organitzada en el marc de la Setmana europea de l'energia sostenible.
  • 27 de març. Presentació del Model Català Multinivell de Gestió de la Immigració (The Catalan Multilevel Model of Managing Immigration) per la Direcció General d'Immigració del Departament de Benestar Social i Família.
  • 7, 14, 21 i 28 de març. Cicle de tast de vins i caves catalans organitzat pel Casal Català de Brussel·les.


  • 1 de desembre. Presentació final del Projecte DOMICE (Developing Offender Management in Corrections in Europe).
  • 15 de novembre. Seminari Towards European Sustainable Housing, organitzat per ACC1Ó.
  • 9 de novembre (nova data) Taula pre-electoral amb representants de les forces polítiques catalanes. Acte organitzat pel Casal Català de Brussel·les.
  • 8 de novembre. Inauguració de l'exposició "Pensat a Barcelona. Invest in Catalonia".
  • 26 d'octubre. Presentació de l'Smart City Forum & World Congress 2011 amb la Fira de Barcelona.
  • 13 d'octubre. Presentació de la Xarxa Internacional d’Organitzacions Regionals de Promoció Comercial (RTPO).
  • 11 d'octubre. Seminari "Euroregions to develop their terrirories", en el marc dels Open Days, Setmana Europea de les Ciutats i les Regions.
  • 5 d'octubre. Conferència “SME in Catalonia: te key to overcoming the crisis” en el marc de la Setmana europea de la Pime.
  • 21 de setembre. Inauguració de l’Exposició “Artistes dels Casals Catalans al Benelux”.
  • 19 de setembre. Benvinguts a Cavalunya: presentació de cellers catalans i degustació de cava.


  • 30 de novembre. Inauguració de l’exposició "Les ciutats europees de Josep Pla". L'acte tindrà lloc a partir de les 18.30h a l'Espai Catalunya Europa i es podrà visitar del 30 de novembre de 2010 al 15 de febrer de 2011.
  • Del 16 de setembre al 24 de novembre. Exposició PROJECTE EUROPA. EU Investments in Catalonia.
  • Del 16 al 20 de novembre. Tercera mostra de cinema català a Brussel·les, organitzada pel Casal Català de Brussel·les.
  • 9 de novembre. Conferència de presentació del Codi de Consum de Catalunya:
    The Catalan code for consumer protection. A step forward in consumer rights in the EU.
  • 26 d'octubre. Presentació del llibre "Memòries de Jean Monnet. Arquitecte de la Unió Europea". Més informació 
  • 5 i 6 d'octubre. Celebració de tres activitats en el marc dels Open Days 2010.
  • Del 9 de juny al 29 de juliol. Mostra fotogràfica "Habita et labora. Habitatge i Colònies industrials a Europa". L’Exposició ha estat produïda pel Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya i compta amb el suport de Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Fulls de sala de l'Exposició 
  • 9 de juny. Conferència "Le patrimoine industriel comme facteur de cohésion et identité européenne" a càrrec d’Eusebi Casanelles, director del Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya.
  • Del 14 d'abril al 19 de maig de 2010. Exposició de Margalida Escales "Escultures", amb el suport de l'Institut Ramon Llull.
  • Del 22 de març al 27 de maig. Exposició de Jordi Todó "Fotografia aèria", amb el suport del Palau Robert.

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